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To make your stay in the amusement park safe, we ask you

on compliance with the following rules:


  • Manipulation, touching, sitting or climbing on exhibits is prohibited. 

  • Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult during the entire visit to the park.

  • Children's groups must have at least one adult supervisor for every 10 children in the group.

  • Children and minors are responsible for their parents or adult supervision or educational accompaniment during the entire visit to the park.

  • Visitors are obliged to respect the instructions of the organizer and security guards in the park. If they are not respected, the organizer reserves the right to immediately expel unruly visitors from the park without compensation.

  • No entry with weapons, imitation weapons, explosives (including fireworks), sharp objects and glass containers.

  • No entry under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Prohibition of consumption of narcotic substances in all areas of the park. The organizer reserves the right to expel visitors who are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics from the park without compensation.

  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the park, including toilets and the foyer. If a visitor causes a fire alarm by smoking, they will be charged for all material and financial costs associated with it.

  • Animals are only allowed on a leash and with a basket.

  • Forging a ticket is a crime.

  • Once the ticket has been loaded or torn off, the ticket cannot be used or returned.

  • ​The visitor may be subject to a security check upon entry.

  • ZTP/P must be shown with a valid ID for the discount.

  • The entire amusement park is adapted for prams and wheelchair users.

  • Each ticket is equipped with a barcode and a control clip, which will be checked by a reader when presented at the entrance to the event venue or will be torn off by a responsible employee.

  • In case of damage, destruction, loss or theft of the ticket, the ticket will not be replaced by the organizer and no other compensation will be provided.

  • The organizer is not responsible for problems and damages caused by unauthorized copying of the ticket.

  • In the event of cancellation of the event, a claim for a refund of the entrance fee must be made at the place where the ticket was purchased.

  • Reimbursement of special costs (e.g. hotel, transport costs) is not provided.

  • The owner of the ticket gives his consent to the fact that photographs, films or video recordings from the premises of the park with his person can be used by the organizer for documentary and promotional purposes, without monetary compensation.

  • Paid entrance and service fees are non-refundable, the ticket is non-exchangeable.

  • The ticket office is open until 9:30pm.

  • The last entrance to the park is possible at 8:30pm.

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